Josiah Hill

Minnesota State Senate
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Dear neighbors,

I want to represent you at the Capitol in St. Paul because I have a strong belief in public service. I am committed to improving people’s lives by building thriving and resilient communities. I want to make a difference for area residents and future generations. My name is Josiah Hill and I want to serve as your STATE SENATOR at the Minnesota Capitol. Learn more about Josiah.

Building strong communities

At the core of my campaign is working to ensure all families have a pathway to achieving a high quality of life as members of strong communities. When families have wages and working conditions that allow them to care for their families, access to affordable health care, and quality public schools that serve all students, our communities flourish.

I want to ensure that future generations inherit a Minnesota that has not been deprived by short-sighted decisions that could forever destroy or diminish our state’s beauty and pristine natural resources.

Minnesota truly became the Star of the North generations ago when leaders and lawmakers of the past prioritized investing in our young people through their commitment to strong public schools.

Minnesota’s public education system has been a foundational game-changer for our state and this investment in our future must remain a central focus of the work taking place at the Capitol in St. Paul.

My campaign promise

You have my commitment that I will run a positive, issues-based campaign. I want to gain the trust and support of Minnesotans by sharing with them what I stand for and how I will work at the Capitol to make a difference in their lives. I will reach out to district residents to listen and learn in an effort to do what I was brought up to do—serve those around me.

Join our team

I am seeking the DFL endorsement for Senate District 39.  I am committed to building a local, community-based, grass roots campaign, but that means, I need your help. Click here to sign up.

Add your name to help me make a difference for the residents in District 39!