About Josiah

Josiah’s Emily, wife of 16 years, and his three young children (Grace-7, Cleo-4 and Quinn-2).

Community Ties

I was born and raised in Stillwater, graduated from Stillwater Area High School, and now my wife Emily and I are raising our family here. I teach English at my alma mater (BA in English, UW-Madison; MSE (English), UW-River Falls; and PhD. in Education Leadership, Hamline University).  I have a passion for teaching and building relationships with my students. Since 2010, I have served as union president of out teachers’ union St. Croix Education Association. As a union leader, I have broad experiences in bringing different groups together and navigating through difficult situations for the common good of our students, my colleagues, and our school district. 

For a strong today and a stronger tomorrow

I launched this campaign on behalf of every last one of Minnesota’s children, all of its working families, and its precious clean water, clean air, and beautiful environmental treasures. 

I commit to building thriving, resilient communities, and to making a difference for all area residents and future generations.

I want to ensure that future generations inherit a healthy Minnesota of beauty and pristine natural resources.  Short-sighted decisions could forever destroy or diminish these precious resources. In addition, our state’s aging roads and bridges take a toll on our cars and businesses’ ability to do business. The state must move forward on fixing our aging infrastructure as strong communities depend on a strong economy. Minnesota must continue on this positive path by investing in early childhood education, addressing mental health concerns impacting our students’ lives, and keeping open the doors of higher learning for all students, no matter their family’s backgrounds or economic status.  When families earn quality wages, have access to affordable health care and have strong local public schools the entire residential and business community prospers and grows stronger together.

I pledge to ensure all families and all Minnesotans have a pathway to achieving a high quality of life as members of a strong community.  To accomplish that goal, Josiah will listen deeply and work closely with community members to improve working conditions and to foster business relationships within the District.  This deep listening and relationship-building will serve as the core to a successful campaign including earning the DFL endorsement and building the broad support across Senate District 39 necessary to win in November 2020.

District 39 voters are ready for a change and Josiah is ready to move beyond the partisan bickering to find solutions to fix our roads and infrastructure, our education system, and our health care, and to become an authentic champion for our environment.