Dear Neighbors,

My name is Josiah Hill and I want to serve as your next state senator at the Minnesota Capitol.

Although the election isn’t until 2020, I am announcing my candidacy now to lay the groundwork and to build and strengthen the relationships needed for a successful campaign. I am beginning the work necessary to earn the DFL endorsement, and to build the broad support across Senate District 39 needed to win.

I am running to represent you at the Capitol in St. Paul because I have a strong belief in public service, I am committed to building thriving, resilient communities, and I want to make a difference for area residents and future generations.

Connected to community through service
My wife Emily and I live in Stillwater with our three daughters (Grace-7, Cleo-4, and Quinn-2). I am an English teacher at Stillwater Area High School. I am thrilled to serve students and families at my alma mater and to know our daughters will receive the same quality education as I did as a graduate of Stillwater schools. Emily works as a communications consultant at PHA Wellness engaged in outreach work connecting maternal mental healthcare providers and professional women’s organizations.

My family moved to Stillwater when I was a young child because my father, Vern, was selected to serve as the Area Director for Young Life in the St. Croix Valley. He served young people in the area in this position for more than 30 years, until his retirement in 2018. My mother, Ann, worked as a paraprofessional in several Stillwater elementary schools, primarily serving students with special needs. My parents learned the importance of public service from their parents. Two of my grandparents were teachers, one grandfather was a firefighter and one grandmother worked for the Department of Defense. All four of my grandparents were proud union members.

To continue my family’s tradition of service, I decided to serve students and families as a teacher. After graduating from Stillwater High School, I earned a BA in English from UW-Madison, a MSE (English) at UW- River Falls and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Hamline University. Since joining the staff at SAHS in 2005 I have served for the last 9 years as the President of our local teachers’ union, the St. Croix Education Association. Thanks to my colleagues’ support, I am now serving my 5th, 2-year term in this role.

Building strong communities
At the core of my campaign is working to ensure all families have a pathway to achieving a high quality of life as members of strong communities. When families have wages and working conditions that allow them to care for their families, have access to affordable health care, and have quality public schools that serve all students, our communities will grow stronger.

As your state senator, I will work with you on additional issues important to our communities. I want to ensure that future generations inherit a Minnesota that has not been deprived by short-sighted decisions that could forever destroy or diminish our state’s beauty and pristine natural resources. Minnesota’s aging roads and bridges take a toll on our cars and businesses’ ability to do business. The state must move forward on fixing our aging infrastructure as strong communities depend on a strong economy.

Minnesota truly became the Star of the North generations ago when leaders and lawmakers of the past prioritized investing in our young people through their commitment to strong public schools. I believe Minnesota must continue on this path by investing in early childhood education, addressing mental health concerns impacting our students’ lives, and keeping open the doors of higher learning as well as career and technical training for all students, no matter their family’s backgrounds or economic status. Minnesota’s public education system has been a foundational game-changer for our state and this investment in our future must remain a central focus of the work taking place at the Capitol in St. Paul.

Making a difference
You have my commitment that I will run a positive, issues-based campaign. I want to gain the trust and support of voters by telling them what I stand for and how I will work to make a difference in their lives. I will reach out to district residents to listen in an effort to do what I was brought up to do—serve those around me.

I look forward to meeting you in the weeks and months ahead. Until then, feel free to contact me any time at 651-717-5430 or via email

Please follow us on Facebook  and on Twitter @josiahhillforsenate.


Josiah Hill
Candidate, Senate District 39

P.S. To run a successful campaign I need your help, and I’m asking for your financial support.
My campaign will be funded almost entirely from individuals like you, so your contribution is very important to me. Through Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program, up to $50 of your contribution ($100 per couple) can be directly refunded to you. Only one donation per year is refundable and you must be eligible to vote in Minnesota to receive the refund. The PCR was created to give individuals who might not otherwise have a voice the ability to counter the power of “big money.” After receiving your contribution, we will quickly send you a receipt along with simple instructions for filing for your refund. You can contribute via a secure online electric payment.