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Support the campaign by making a contribution! You can contribute securely online. Contribution limits are $1,000 per individual, $2,000 per couple.
Campaign finance law requires us to collect and report your employer/occupation. We will contact you for this information.
We do not accept corporate contributions.

State of Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board requires:

For donations $20 or more, donors must provide full name and home address.

For donations $200 or more, donors must provide employer. Or if self employed,

Did you know?
You may qualify for the Political Contribution Refund

Minnesota refunds up to $50 per calendar year of contributions made by an eligible voter to a qualified candidate or a recognized political party. The refund is the amount of your contributions up to $50 for individuals or $100 for married couples (if you file a joint Political Contribution Refund application). The process is quite simple and we will provide you with all of the paperwork.

You can also contribute by mail. Please make checks payable to “Josiah Hill for Senate” and mail to:
Josiah Hill for Senate
PO Box 932
Stillwater MN 55082
Contributions or gifts to Josiah Hill for Senate are not tax deductible.