Legislative Priorities

High-Quality, Affordable Health Care For All and Women’s Health

I believe every Minnesotan deserves high-quality and affordable health care. This means supporting and expanding MinnesotaCare and working toward a sustainable universal-health care system that provides quality care to all Minnesotans of income level or pre-existing conditions. I support measures to hold Big Pharma and special interest groups accountable and will work to navigate through the gridlock to offer solutions that can mean the difference between life and death. No one should have to choose between healthcare and paying the rent.

I believe every woman has the right to make her own health care decisions, including reproductive health care decisions. I am pro-choice.

Protecting our Environment

Growing up in Stillwater near the St. Croix River, I experienced and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors that Minnesota is famous for. I am committed to protecting Minnesota’s water, air, and soil through responsible legislation, and investing in the expansion of clean and sustainable energy and the high paying technical jobs that come with it. I am a strong supporter of Gov. Walz’s plan to make Minnesota’s electrical energy sources carbon free by 2050. Together we can find common-sense solutions to preserve and protect our state’s environment and move us toward a green energy economy.

Equitable and High-Quality Public Education

As the father of three young daughters and a public school teacher, I know the vital role that our public education system plays in shaping the lives of all our children. I believe all Minnesotan students, regardless of zip code, deserve access to quality schools that employ highly trained, licensed staff and robust programming offerings. I support fully funded public pre-K-12 education and our thriving public college and university systems. I support the expansion of technical training and apprenticeships programs so that today’s high school graduates are prepared for success.

Ensuring Equal Opportunities

I support adding an Equal Rights Amendment to the MN State Constitution to ensure that all are provided with equal protection under the law regardless of gender. I will work to ensure that all Minnesotans have equal opportunities and will fight for justice for all members of our communities. I stand committed to service to include and to work for justice for our BIPOC, GLBTQ+, and those who have been traditionally underserved. I will fight to eliminate the gender pay gap, protect a woman’s rights to make her own healthcare decisions at all times-including reproductive healthcare decisions, and I will stand up for LGBTQ equality.

A Thriving Economy

I believe in a diverse economy and economic opportunities focused on giving working Minnesotans and their families opportunities to succeed. I believe Minnesotans deserve to be fairly rewarded for their work and I strongly believe it is essential for workers to have the right to organize and collectively bargain for fair pay and benefits. I will work tirelessly to support policies and legislation that mutually benefits local businesses and local workers to ensure thriving local economies throughout the state with workers receiving a fair and living wage. For too long, we have seen many low wage employers receiving tax relief while doing real harm to Minnesota workers and their communities. I will work to bring this detrimental cycle to an end.